Blood Communion

Išleista: 2018
Leidykla: Chatto & Windus
Kategorijos: Fantastika
Serija: The Vampire Chronicles
Puslapių skaičius: 272
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Turi/Ieško 1/0
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Dorian de Jandreau  knygą įvertino 
5 iš 5

It‘s hard for me to put my thoughts and emotions together right now... Anne Rice is the only writer in the world that gives such intense emotions to me. I cry and laugh, I feel happy of the ending, but so sad that it is probably the end.

This book was BEYOND my expectations. I expected that this book will roll around replimoids again, but I was wrong. Anne Rice brought back her old writting style and gave a new story of Vampires. It seems it is THE END for VC, because what else can be written after when all problems are solved and „they lived happily ever after“? What else can I say when all dots of i are put and all the 13th books finally get a happy ending? I just turn on Lana Del Rey‘s song „Dark Paradise“ and let all these emotions live in me tonight.... because it was a book that will stay forever in my heart and mind... all of the 13 books.

2019-01-27 19:25

In this spellbinding novel, Lestat, rebel outlaw, addresses the tribe of vampires, directly, intimately, passionately, and tells the riveting story of the formation of the Blood Communion and how he became Prince of the vampire world, the true ruler of this vast force, and how his vision for all the Children of the Universe to thrive as one, came to be.
The tale spills from Lestat's heart, as he speaks first of his new existence as reigning monarch--and then of his fierce battle of wits and words with the mysterious Rhoshamandes, proud Child of the Millennia, reviled outcast for his senseless slaughter of the legendary ancient vampire Maharet, who brought forth the Great Family of the undead; Rhoshamandes, a force who refuses to live in harmony at the Court of Prince Lestat and threatens all that Lestat has dreamt of.
As the tale unfolds, Lestat takes us from the towers and battlements of his ancestral castle in the snow-covered mountains of France to the verdant wilds of lush Louisiana with its lingering fragrances of magnolias and night jasmine; from the far reaches of the Pacific's untouched islands to the 18th-century city of St. Petersburg and the court of the Empress Catherine . . .

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